Sunday book review – What Climate Justice Means by Elizabeth Cripps

I like books that have clear titles, ones which tell you what they are about, provided the title actually does tell you what the book is about. And this one does. If you can’t work out what this book is about from the title then I can’t help you. But I can tell you that you should read it because it is brilliantly and clearly argued and not just because the subject matter is important.

That’s it really.

Chapter 3 is about impacts on wildlife and whether we should care about them. The author seems afraid that some will skip that chapter but I started with it, found it compelling, and so read everything else, eagerly.

That really is it.

The cover? Spot on – I’d give it the first 9/10 of books reviewed here in 2022.

What Climate Justice Means: and why we should care by Elizabeth Cripps is published by Bloomsbury.