Sunday book review – Meadow by Iain Parkinson and Jim Holden

This is a sumptuous-looking book – truly beautiful. The photographs, by Jim Holden, are gorgeous. It’s a pleasure to flick through the pages, except that one doesn’t flick, one doesn’t want to miss any of them so even in a quick look through the book one finds oneself turning each page carefully.

Iain Parkinson is the Living Collections and Conservation Manager at Wakehurst, Kew’s wild botanic garden in the Sussex High Weald. He has brought together over 30 personal accounts of meadows and how people use them and love them.  These cover scientists, artists, gardeners, farmers, archeologists and more.

This is certainly a celebration of the beauty and wonder of meadows but I would have liked a little more rage about how few of them we have left – but that’s just me, I guess. 

The cover? Very nice – I’d give it 8/10 although I think there are some images inside the covers that would have got it  9/10.

Meadow; the intimate bond between people, plants and places by Iain Parkinson and Jim Holden is published by Kew.