Sunday book review – Rhythms of Nature by Ian Carter

Ian Carter has written often on this blog (see this collection of blogs on Wild Food, and this other collection about getting away from it all, as well as on rewilding, fox hunting and Hen Harrier reintroductions) and I have reviewed his previous books Human Nature, and Red Kite’s Year Given that, it would be surprising if I didn’t like this book and I do like this book.

It’s a series of essays on various rural subjects including some of the above, as well as observations on wildlife that crops up in Ian’s life in Devon and The Fens.

What makes this book, and Ian’s writing in general, is not that Ian sees things that the rest of us couldn’t see but that he thinks more about what he sees than many do, and then writes softly and engagingly about his thoughts.  I find myself mentally commenting ‘Good point, well made’ as I move through the book but even if I very occasionally differ, slightly, from the author I don’t mind because he puts his thoughts over so well.

The cover?  I like it, and I’ll give it 7/10.

Rhythms of Nature: wildlife and wild places between the moors by Ian Carter is published by Pelagic.


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  1. I too like Ian’s writing so will probably no almost certainly order this.

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