Book review – Wild Shetland by Brydon Thomason


This book is a visual treat. Photographs of Shetland’s wildlife, mostly birds and mammals, through the seasons. And the photographs are exceptionally fine.

As you might expect, there are Otters, Bonxies and Puffins but also a range of unusual and rare birds and sea mammals, many other Shetland seabirds (including the wonderful Storm Petrels of Mousa), a range of resident and vagrant mammals and many common and familiar species captured so cleanly and beautifully.

I hadn’t twigged that there were no resident Pipistrelles on Shetland and that Nathusius’s Pipistrelle is the commoner species of the two, with nine records.

This is a visual treat but the short texts adds to the experience through exploring the place of wildlife in Shetland history and culture in ways that put the images into a wider context.

A look through these pages will make you want to visit these islands, and I recommend it if you haven’t yet visited, but don’t expect to see all Shetland’s wildlife as beautifully framed and as pin sharp as it is presented here.

The cover? Beautiful – I’d give if 8/10.

Wild Shetland through the seasons by Brydon Thomason is published by The Shetland Times Ltd


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  1. This book is a feast of photos and text by Brydon who is the go to expert for Shetland wildlife and I am proud to have provided my camera and lens for Brydon to take one of the Otter Family shots when we were out together. Well worth the investment .

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