Mark Cocker says ‘Ban driven grouse shooting’


Mark Cocker, author and naturalist, says:

The moral and environmental case against driven-grouse shooting is now unassailable. It is a matter of time before the politics catches up with these values. Gavin Gamble’s e-petition creates a fair wind for this to come to pass.’

To join Mark Cocker, please sign Gavin Gamble’s e-petition which calls for a ban on driven grouse shooting.


Chris Packham says ‘Ban driven grouse shooting’

Chris Packham, naturalist, photographer, author and TV presenter says:

Out of place, out of date, out of order and out of time – driven grouse shooting is finished, so lets kill it off ‘.


To join Chris Packham, please sign Gavin Gamble’s e-petition which calls for a ban on driven grouse shooting.


Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy say ‘Ban driven grouse shooting’

Ceri and Ralph say ‘We support the ban on driven grouse shooting because this “sport” benefits the few to the detriment of many who have no idea just how much wildlife has been taken from the landscape. We owe it to the creatures that inhabit our land to stop the persecution now. As Gonzovationists, we believe in compassion for the animals that roam this earth and believe hunting as sport is as outdated as rape and pillaging. Times must change.‘.

Ralph says  ‘No shit! Hens have been harried enough!

To join Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy, please sign Gavin Gamble’s e-petition which calls for a ban on driven grouse shooting.




Central southern England in the 90s

That’s the Severn in the top left hand corner and the Solent in the bottom right.

If you were to take a walk, or a drive, or a cycle, from North West Hampshire (maybe Andover, but I prefer Whitchurch), or from somewhere even nicer, perhaps Beaulieu Road Station (where I saw my first Hobby in about 1971?) in the New Forest East constituency then you could pass through Salisbury (a place of great renown these days, and not only for that spire) and on to South West Wiltshire. Then by way of South West Wiltshire and Chippenham you could move through North Wiltshire and into the Cotswolds (and check whether the Great Grey Shrike I saw last week is still there (although it was just over the border in Tewkesbury)) and through David Cameron’s former seat of Witney into West Oxford (and Abingdon) to have a look at some dreaming spires. If you did that you’d see some nice scenery but what would the nine constituencies have in common? Answer – they are all gagging to get a few more signatures and join the ‘100 signatures’ club for Gavin Gamble’s e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting.

You might live in one of those constituencies, so why not walk through the streets asking people to sign this evening? No, don’t do that, but you might mention it to some people over the next couple of weeks before the e-petition closes on Easter Monday at midnight.

Or there might be that relative of yours who lives there, and you were meaning to phone weren’t you? And it’s always difficult to know what to say – so why not ask them to sign this e-petition. That would give them a bit of a shock, I bet.

Well, anyway, here are those constituencies:

South West Hampshire, Kit Malthouse MP, 93 signatures

New Forest East, Julian Lewis MP, 92 signatures

Salisbury, John Glen MP, 96 signatures

South West Wiltshire, Andrew Murrison MP, 99 signatures

Chippenham, Michele Donolan MP,  98 signatures

North Wiltshire, James Gray MP, 91 signatures

The Cotswolds, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, 91 signatures

Witney, Robert Courts MP, 93 signatures

Oxford West and Abingdon, Layla Moran MP, 97 signatures


Please sign the e-petition calling for a ban of driven grouse shooting and ask your friends to do the same (wherever they live, please)



George Monbiot says ‘Ban driven grouse shooting’

Photo: Dave Stelfox


George Monbiot, author, journalist and environmental campaigner, says:

Driven grouse shooting should be banned as it is a major – and entirely unnecessary – cause of environmental destruction‘.


To join George Monbiot please sign Gavin Gamble’s e-petition which calls for a ban on driven grouse shooting.


And this blog, and I’m sure its readers, wishes George a rapid and full recovery following his prostate cancer surgery of yesterday. George wanted this quote to appear regardless of his personal upheavals.