Tim Melling – Common Sandpiper

Tim writes: The “kitty-needie, kitty-needie” song of Common Sandpiper is a familiar summer sound on northern rivers and reservoirs.  Most breeding waders are resident in Britain, with their numbers bolstered by a winter influx from the north and east.  But Common Sandpiper is a summer visitor that migrates to sub-Saharan Africa for the winter.  It is one of the earliest migrants to arrive back in spring so its song is something I always listen out for.  It also has a characteristic stiff-winged display flight with flickering wing beats showing off the white wing bar.  These are interspersed with longer glides on bowed wings.  I photographed this one on a Pennine reservoir near Holmfirth in summer.


Peak leaf-peeping time

I popped in to London a few days ago. Well, if you can call a journey which involved four trains and two tubes ‘popping in’ then I popped in. And two of the trains were cancelled and the other two were late so it was quite a slow ‘pop’.

The 07:38 from Wellingborough was cancelled because of slippery rails.  Presumably this means ‘leaves on the line and it is a bit wet too’?  But luckily the 07:14 arrived at 07:39 so I got on that one. On the journey I saw some Red Kites and enjoyed the autumn colours.  The trees were beautiful – quite stunning.  Well worth a few train delays, I’d say.

I was heading in to southwest London on another secret mission – obviously I’m keen to tell you about my secret missions but this is not the time.

Yesterday I had another, local, secret mission meeting … nearly gave something away then!  But on my short journey I saw some Red Kites and enjoyed the autumn colours some more. What a fabulous show they are making!

On the way back from the secret mission my car started making a loud clanging noise above the offside rear wheel – I guessed it was a shock absorber no longer absorbing any shocks. And my diagnosis was right but my local garage accepted my clanging car at 08:00 this morning and brought it back unclanged by lunchtime. What service!

As I strolled home I took these images of the autumn colours. 


by Mr Carbo

Inspired by the Revive launch on Tuesday evening.


The banned Iceland Christmas video

Great publicity for Iceland stores, and odd that this could not be broadcast


Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill

There is a difference between allowing someone to express hateful
views and giving them a megaphone to do so…