Press release from Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire Moors and LACS

Campaigning organisations Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire’s Moors and the League Against Cruel Sports have welcomed a commitment from Yorkshire Water to change the way it manages its land. Instead of automatically renewing the leases for grouse shooting, the utility company – which is Yorkshire’s largest landowner – will instead review each one to decide if…

Seven Worlds, One Planet (3)

Last night David Attenborough took us to South America – I’ve never actually visited South America and I have had opportunities which I’ve turned down. In some ways seeing that programme compensated for not going myself, and in other ways it weakened my resolve never to go. Anyway, the point was, the film was amazing…

Badgers and Turtle Doves

I had a great time at the Badger Trust conference on Saturday – and in talking to many delegates on Friday evening too. There were some old friends there, including some readers of this blog, and one person who had delivered lots of postcards in the Calder Valley promoting Chris Packham’s and Wild Justice’s e-petition….

Guy Shorrock – Red Knot

Guy writes: I recently went with friends to the hide tide roost at the RSPB Snettisham reserve. It has been many years since I had last been to see this spectacle, not such a high tide on that occasion, and found the whole experience quite mesmerising. The incoming North Sea had pushed tens of thousands…

Sunday quotes (37)

This week’s quote is from Kenneth Grahame (died 1932) The Mole had long wanted to make the acquaintance of the Badger. He seemed, by all accounts, to be such an important personage and, though rarely visible, to make his unseen influence felt by everybody about the place. More on Kenneth Grahame (see here) Likes(13)Dislikes(1)