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Guest blog – My e-petition for licensing grouse shooting by Ed Hutchings

Ed writes about his e-petition to license driven grouse shooting. Twitter: @EdHutchings It was in India that I learnt the news that the Government had responded to my petition to license driven grouse shooting. The grouse moors of Britain felt a million miles away from the dusty śāl forests of central India immortalised by Kipling. […]

Wake up Lib Dems!!

Here are two maps. The first looks like the fairly familiar map of signatures for banning driven grouse shooting although to make it a bit more comparable with the second map it is the slightly different ‘% of constituents signing for a ban of driven grouse shooting’.  And the second is the LibDem share of […]

Grouse shooting demonstrates lack of public support

The e-petition in support of grouse shooting has now closed – but it actually fizzled our ages ago. It scrabbled together 15 thousand signatures and had the richer parts of London as its most enthusiastic areas of support. We can regard it as having been supported by a network of land agents and their masters […]

Three petitions

Hardly anybody wants grouse shooting to continue – or if they do then they can’t be bothered to exert themselves so much as to sign a petition to protect their interests, and hardly anybody wants it to be licensed (even though the RSPB has promoted this idea in its magazine). In contrast, a raggle taggle […]

Petitions update 30 April

Not much to say about this because nothing much is happening. Likes(12)Dislikes(2)