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If you’ve had an email

It’s becoming clearer to me who is behind the surge in signatures for the ‘protect grouse shooting’ e-petition, and exactly why its support is centred on the richer parts of central London and places such as the Cotswolds. If you have been sent an email asking you to sign the e-petition on behalf of grouse […]

Grouse petitions – they’re just like buses

  There are now three e-petitions about grouse shooting on the Westminster parliament website: Gavin Gamble’s e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting, ends 2 April, currently on 19,700 signatures Jane Griggs’s e-petition in support of grouse shooting, ends 24 May, currently on 7,600 signatures Ed Hutchings’s e-petition in support of licensing, the third option, the […]

16, 419 ahead

It’s fitting, in a way, that on the day when Gavin Gamble writes here, movingly, about why he set up his e-petition, the rival e-petition which emanates from nineteenth century thinking makes a big leap forward.  It’s now only 16,419 signatures behind Gavin’s and there’s a long time to go – longer for the rival […]

18,847 ahead

Yesterday was the last day of the grouse shooting season for 2017 – Gavin Gamble’s e-petition seeks to make that cessation a permanent one and following yesterday’s thunderclap his e-petition is approaching 19,000 signatures and the list of ’50-signature’ constituencies has reached 64 constituencies (last week – 51).  Each of these constituencies has more signatures […]

Thunderclap imminent

This thunderclap is about to send its message to over 3 million social media accounts and spread the message about why intensive grouse moor management should be no more.  It goes out at 3pm. If you are on Facebook or Twitter you can add your voice and spread the word. Thunderous supporters include the Guardian […]