Being open

Members of the ‘Sodden 570’ at last year’s Hen Harrier Day event in the Upper Derwent Valley will recognise this area  – we were getting soaked just off the left hand (western) side of the map on 10 August last year. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act provided open access to open ground (in…

Natural England bleats

Natural England roused itself from slumber yesterday, perhaps after reading this blog (you never know – they do, you know!), and uttered a few weak words on the disappearance of a male Hen Harrier from Geltsdale in Cumbria. It’s good to know that Natural England is ‘very concerned’ about the state of a species on…

Anyone there in NE?

I am very much amused to hear that the daily media summary received by NE board members ends with an item on ‘Mark Avery’s blog’. It’s good to know that they all get a daily reminder of what’s happening in the world from a reliable source. To save time and effort for the staff involved,…

High Peak Vision, Henry?

What’s that Henry? You support the National Trust’s High Peak Vision and wish they’d get on with it as quickly as possible?  I so agree Henry.  Are you a member of the NT? I am.


Inglorious: conflict in the uplands will be available for Hen Harrier Day (9 August), the Inglorious 12th and thereafter. Published by Bloomsbury in late July – but you can order it now on World Book Day.