Bird Fair – Day 1

It’s actually quite hard work enjoying yourself at the Bird Fair – I don’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself, just that it is a bit knackering.  It doesn’t quite have the buzz of the Cheltenham Festival for me but today the period between 0930 and 1730 just whizzed by.

I have this strategy of standing in one particular place most of the day and accosting friends and acquaintances as they go past – it’s a pity that it’s by the gents’ loos but I realised a long time ago that no strategy is perfect.

Today I met a whole load of people that I agreed to meet properly tomorrow (will that work, I wonder?) and a whole load more people who I won’t see tomorrow.  I also missed seeing some people whom I could only have seen today – the ones that got away.

Today I spoke to a very nice farmer from Suffolk, a baroness whose shocking error I will keep a secret, two Fellows of the Royal Society, several publishers of magazines, books and websites, a lot of pe0ple who used to work for me and two people for whom I used to work, lots of readers of my blog, a couple of people I last saw in rainy Ithaca, NY, a man from Suffolk who lives in Wales and France and saw his first yellowhammer of the year today, a kestrel but no kites, ospreys or buzzards (I can’t have been paying attention),  a bevy of Plantlife beauties, friends and colleagues from Spain, France and Iceland, a journalist or two and I only ventured into two marquees.  Who knows who and what I will find when I really get going?

I missed Andy Clements on the Today programme and I missed him at the Bird Fair too.

It was a lovely sunny day and tomorrow will be great too.

If you weren’t there, and maybe if you were, have a look here to get a flavour of the day.



3 Replies to “Bird Fair – Day 1”

  1. Fancy little me sharing a secret about a Baroness with Mark Avery – life is a strange old game eh 🙂

  2. Mark, It was nice to have a chat again and thanks for talking to my grandaughter. Despite your efforts she did only get one ice cream.

    1. Bob – good to see you and what sensible grandparents you are, but I am always on the side of the ‘more ice creams’ party.

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