Well done Hawk and Owl Trust!

The Hawk and Owl Trust is a small but very good NGO, in my opinion.

I was particularly pleased to see this formal and robust support for the epetition on vicarious liability on the HOT’s website.

And this strongly worded piece from HOT’s President, and Springwatch heart-throb (I am told – he does nothing to make my pulse race) Chris Packham hits the spot very nicely.

Please sign this e-petition on vicarious liability.


5 Replies to “Well done Hawk and Owl Trust!”

  1. From CP’s piece “The Hawk and Owl Trust calls for any alternative to be sought to lethal control where humans come into conflict with birds of prey.”

    Humans don’t come in to conflict with BoP (except when white tailed eagles carry off the odd small child, allegedly) – BoP come in to conflict with economics! – or perhaps more precisely, profits.

  2. Profits – now that’s a funny word! Does that mean using up your tax potential which should be paid to the government which the public at large should benefit from? Remember 67% of all Red Grouse moors are not viable after birds of prey have been killed!!

  3. It is certainly good to see HOT supporting the petition.One only has to look at RSPB “Bird Crime” annual reports to realise that game estate wild life crime is endemic and widespread especially in the uplands, this is reinforced by Dave Dicks’ recent publication Wildlife Crime. I can assure all that these crimes are not restricted to Scotland, far from it, look at the pitiable state of the English Hen Harrier population and the poor breeding productivity by Peregrines on grouse moors as prime examples. All who are remotely interested in wildlife should sign the petition along with those who think UK laws apply to us all.


  4. The petition needs all the help it can get,wouldn’t it be nice if Kate Humble jumped on the bus.

  5. Two things,not connected to this that I would just like to say.
    Have just read Gary Burgess last comment and why oh why did he not put that on first.
    See that Government have given Purbeck £626,000 for wildlife.

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