Five short jobs, since it’s quite likely to be raining

1.  Support Plantlife’s campaign to make verge-cutting ecologically literate.  Have a look at these photographs from Nigel and Lois Harbron of a small patch of what is essentially a flower meadow which poses no threat to road safety and is bureaucratically scalped every year.

2. Spend two minutes to get a bank to give $5 Canadian to a good cause – ‘my’ money went to WWT’s project on Sustainable Urban Drainage.  You need to be on Facebook to do this – and if you are,  please ‘like’ my page while you are at it.

3.  I have ‘taken over’ Martin Harper’s blog on the run-up to the Rio+20 sustainability conference.  Each day on 1-20 June I am writing a blog about biodiversity, sustainability and global issues – and local ones.  So far I have written about the Arctic, rainforests, bitterns, oceans and climate change.  To come are New York’s water supply, neonicotinoids, coral reefs, how to feed the world and much more. Ask your MP to sign the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition’s Rio Declaration.

4.  Sign up to the epetition on vicarious liability to help to protect England’s birds of prey from illegal persecution.

5.  Vote in my (and Tom Oliver’s) poll on the top ‘new Elizabethan’ naturalist.


Later in the week (might be Tuesday) I will be asking you for your help in getting some information out of Natural England.


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    1. No – 2-stroke. With foresight, I decided not to buy an elecatric one, as it would’t go when the wind wasn’t blowing.

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