Book Review – I love my World by Chris Holland

This book describes itself as ‘the playful, hands-on, nature connection guidebook’ – and so it is.

If you spend any time with children out of doors then this book will give you lots of ideas for games, activities and things to talk about with young people. And those young people could be of any age at all – children provide great excuses for adults to have fun in ways they might not if there weren’t children around.

Making fires, eating for free, finding your way, sneaking around and being a bard are just some of the activities that are included.  All have good explanations of what to do , how to do it, where to do it, what you need to do it and how to get the whole thing started.  There are lots of photographs which illustrate the book and also demonstrate, by the number of smiling faces, that people love these playful activities. This is a very good guide and it is abundantly clear that the author really has done all these things, knows how they can and should be done , and really enjoys doing them.

For £15.95 this book could deliver hours and hours of unforgettable fun for you, your family and friends.  Even if you never do any of the activities you will enjoy reading about them, but I suspect that you will be looking for some excuses  to head into the woods soon after buying this book.







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