A bucolic scene

I just had to take a ‘snap’ (although iPhones make a faint buzz rather than a snap) of these flowers, as I have seen so few this year.


Where was I, do you think? Answer at ‘end of day’.


Answer:  thank you for some good guesses, and some well argued thoughts and near misses.  St James’s Park.


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  1. How on earth do we work that one out. Certainly not on any particular Moorland. It looks like a parkland grazed with some areas left long. Possibly points to a deer park (and there is a tantalising brown spot in one corner). On a hill, not flat. Knowing the area you originated I will try Dyrham Park.

  2. Mark, Just realised it is the CLA Game Fair next week and you are likely to be there during the preparations so might alter that first stab to Belvoir Castle.

  3. It is some parkland or large garden free of grazing animals because there is no browse line on the trees. It looks like a man made wild flower/nectar patch sown down rather than a natural habitat. No idea where it is. Possibly something to do with the olympics

  4. Wonder if it is on one of the farms in RSPB competition for better wildlife farms.

    1. Miles – you are right and your correct answer arrived just as I posted it on the blog. Well done – either on your knowledge or very quick reactions! I think it was a good guess from you.

      1. Thanks Mark – it was just a good guess, I wasn’t cheating! I know the park very well having spent a great deal of time in westminster over the years. It’s excellent how the Royal Parks have increasingly managed with wildlife in mind.

  5. Surely you mean ‘Sports Direct Arena’, although it must be a bit that Demba Ba and Demba Cisse don’t get to see often?

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