See you at the Bird Fair?

A week today it’s Day One of the Bird Fair.  In a ‘summer’ in which many outdoor events have been cancelled because of wet weather it was reassuring to see this post of Facebook by Tim Appleton earlier in the week:

Been a few stressful few weeks, what with highest reservoir levels ever, saturated fields, and continuous dark clouds , but pleased to report we seem to have pulled through. All marquees are up and volunteers started erecting trellis in exhibitors stands. Started laying recycled plastic heavy duty roadway, unloaded 45 tons this morning! Anyone bored this week you are welcome to join us !! Hot weather being predicted so we are all looking forward to a great Birdfair .

Don’t forget you can miss the queues by booking your tickets on line, also for the evening entertainment . Over 120 day time lectures, so do come to Birdfair and have a great weekend — 17th to 19th August.

I’ll see you there, I hope.


3 Replies to “See you at the Bird Fair?”

  1. Ah The BirdFair! No.24 and I have been to 23. I did not go to the first as I thought this new idea would not catch on.

    It is THE event of the year to attend. A chance to meet up with old friends and make new ones. An opportunity to try out all the latest gismos (I have no idea if that is how it is spelt), dream of a new birding venue, get some IN clothing and buy books some out of sympathy for the authors. I am only joking Mark.

    Most all whilst enjoying oneself no end large sums of money are raised for International Projects which make a real difference for the birds of the region.

    If you have never been you are missing out. Give it a try. You can even meet Mark in the flesh.

    I go too just to let everyone know I am still alive.

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