Desert Island Naturalists

I am a big fan of Desert Island Discs. As the theme tune comes on I have usually organised my late Sunday mornings so that I can listen in peace to the guest and their choice of music.  Sometimes I get bored after a while but usually I love it!

This programme has been a feature of my Sunday mornings for most of my life – as a child it was the run up to Sunday roasts and it often is again now.  As the music ends the programme I can often smell lunch cooking downstairs – even if it isn’t or even if I am stuck in a queue on the motorway.

From the plummy tones of Roy Plomley through Parky and Sue Lawley to the current ‘sexiest voice on radio’, Kirsty Young, I have listened to them all.  But what, you may ask, has this got to do with nature conservation?

The answer is probably ‘not much’, except that BBC Wildlife magazine has an online poll encouraging people to vote for their favourite wildlife conservation hero to appear on DID – although there is no promise from DID that this will happen.  You’ll find some familiar names and some less familiar ones.


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8 Replies to “Desert Island Naturalists”

    1. I've voted too - secret ballot mind!

      Yes, I agree, there's something about the way those Scottish ladies roll their Rs that is most endearing.

  1. No blame attached of course but I expected your followers to be really loyal unless it it is a wind up.

    1. I kind of know where you are coming from Dennis, personally I feel Mark and Chris Packham and a couple of others on the list are pretty well known, so perhaps they should've automatically been invited to Dessert Island, I felt Jill's efforts in a country that isn't exactly well known for it's "freedoms" deserves a special "nod" of respect.

  2. Carl Jones got my vote (sorry Mark!). Carl and the late Don Merton are my two conservation heros due to the pioneering work they did in saving species that more 'conventional' conservationists had turned their backs on. If it weren't for the single-minded and obstinate determination of these two we wouldn't have Kakapos, Chatham Island Black Robins, Mauritius kestrels and Mauritius pink pigeons.

    One of my most treasured possessions is a signed copy of Don's book 'The Black Robin' and one of my best conservation memories was visiting Mauritius and going out with Carl to feed a pair of captive-breed Mauritius kestrels that had been released into the wild. Inspirational stuff!


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