Let’s go out and hunt some wrens

By Andreas Trepte (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons
By Andreas Trepte (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons
It’s good to get some exercise but the old custom of hunting a wren on this day is not one I particularly want to continue.

Wrens are little but interesting – and noisy!

Wrens are often polygynous and the males build the nests to try to attract one (or more) mates.  They are packed full of noise and when they sing they are amazingly loud.

There is one wren species in Europe but lots in the USA.

You may not be going wren-hunting – but a walk and a breath of fresh air probably won’t do you any harm – and you might well hear a wren.

What you won’t see is a great stonking wren like this cactus wren – I saw these in Joshua Tree National Park (and very nice they were too) when I was failing to see a road runner.  I might have another go at that this spring…

Cactus wren Photo: Tim Melling

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  1. My brother and I will certainly be out today, as we were yesterday finding a splendid drake Long Tailed Duck on a local gravel pit and hearing Wrens.
    I once read that if the Wren,s voice went up in proportion to size a rook sized wren would make you deaf at 2 miles! Not sure about that but not heard the much larger Cactus Wren sing, although I have seen it.
    Of course traditionally today the unspeakable will be in pursuit of the uneatable today despite the very badly written hunting with dogs act, no better than hunting wrens really!

    1. Interesting comment Paul. Why people can’t accept legislation and get on with it I don’t know. This is a bit like the burglar saying I can carry on burgling because I find the Theft Act difficult to read.

      Also an interesting comment by the Minister reported in the Telegraph today.

      ‘Secretary Owen Paterson appeared to rule out a vote next year. But he insisted it was still the government’s intention to give MPs a free vote on lifting the ban.

      Mr Paterson told the Telegraph: “At the moment, it would not be my proposal to bring forward a vote we were going to lose.” But Mr Paterson insisted it was still the government’s intention to have a free vote “but we need to choose an appropriate moment”. ‘

      That sounds an interesting Government ploy – You can exercise your right of free speech but only when we know you are going to say what we want you to say????

      1. A bit perplexing if this was to be a free vote – as such wouldn’t that mean that the Gubmint wasn’t all that bovvered? If they are in fact bovvered, doesn’t it mean it is policy – in which case why the free vote?

        Otherwise, Rambo seems to be exercising some common sense in not wasting parliamentary time on the issue. There is only a certain amount of time and they need it for debating important things like Civil Partnerships for Trainspotters and The Plebophobia Bill

  2. Bob,perfectly put,the arrogance of Tory MPs is astounding when they think they will have a vote when they think they can win.Of course ignoring the 76% who want the ban to continue.Another example of a few abusing their powers against the wishes of their constituents.

  3. Great images of the wrens, particularly the “trog” – back in the early 1960s The Clancy Brothers used to sing about the traditional wren hunting on boxing/St. Stephens day.

    A couple of years ago after a hard winter I did not see or hear a Wren in the garden until July!

  4. SO GLAD I read the link first about Wren hunting, I was seriously thinking why WRENS? The images from the link looks like film stills from the Wicker Man 🙂 I found interesting what Paul said in ref: the sound of a wren in porpotion to it’s size, after all it was some man who after realising Goldcrests couldn’t be heard by people over a certain age due to it’s frequency and detoriating hearing by oldies, went and invented a device for shopkeepers to put outside their shops to deter youngsters hanging around outside. And we critiscise other nations on “civil liberties” apart from my headaches and my dog freaking out I couldn’t see the point! One thing BIRDS do get a thumbs down from me for. Sorry for going off topic…again!

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