National Trust worryingly quiet

This blog praised the National Trust for its consultation on land management in the High Peak.  Time is ticking away and there is a worrying silence.  No doubt the Trust has come under pressure from the shooting community, but those of us who are ordinary paying members of NT are also waiting to see whether we should reinvest in this organisation or not.

Come on NT – man up and speak up!

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3 Replies to “National Trust worryingly quiet”


  2. Hello Mark, the trouble with large organisations is they begin to believe that THEY are the most important concern. The environment and wildlife slip into the distance. More effective campaigning (which is what we all should be doing as a part of our being) is often done by smaller organisations and individuals, such as yourself with this blog. Carry on the good work and let us all tell the arrogant organisations and local authorities what we think of their attitudes. Home rule for wildlife!

  3. With the breeding season upon us it will be interesting to see if the Raptors are finally left to breed in peace or if yet again they get hit by grass fires started by campers, nest disturbance by illegal Raves, Dogs running wild or Foxes etc etc, birds mysteriously disappearing as if abducted by Aliens. Or if yet again the same old same old happens while amazingly none of the above problems seem to affect the Grouse/Pheasant nesting areas.


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