Invite your MP to do the BGBW

You may have seen my blog this morning which invited my local MP, Andy Sawford, to do the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch with me at my home on Sunday 26 January (I plan to be at Cheltenham races on the Saturday!).  I hope he says yes as I’d like to show him some birds, tell him a bit about them, and talk to him about other environmental changes in the local area.

Why don’t you do the same?  Invite your MP to do the BGBW with you. And ask them whether they will be doing it elsewhere?  The more invitations each MP gets the more they will realise that a lot of their constituents care about birds.  That can do no harm.

If all 500,000 of the participants in BGBW invited their MPs then each MP would get over 700 invitations.  That would make a huge impact – and it would be hard for MPs to say no.  All it takes is for you to email your MP along the lines of my blog of this morning.

How many readers of this blog live in the constituencies of David Cameron (Witney), Ed Miliband (Doncaster North) and Nick Clegg (Sheffield Hallam) I wonder?

Let me know if you do invite your MP and what he or she says.  If enough invitations go out then we’ll learn something about our MPs.

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1 Reply to “Invite your MP to do the BGBW”

  1. I guess I could invite my MP around for BGBW but I probably won't bother, I could see it being a rather eggy couple of hours.

    If only I lived just a couple if miles down the road, then I could ask George Osbourne to pop over, it would my way of thanking him for making sure that HS2 thingy comes nowhere near my gaff. Awfully considerate of him, I mean what is £600 million in the grand scheme of things ? ...and if nothing else I could get him to do me a quote for redecorating the front room.


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