Grouse moor licensing

Photo: Kositoes via wikimedia commons
Photo: Kositoes via wikimedia commons

Four weeks today we will know how many signatures have been attached to John Armitage’s e-petition on licensing of grouse moors (a policy supported by the RSPB).

In the last 10 days the e-petition has really picked up speed – it’s amazing what a deadline does, isn’t it?

It now stands at over 8350 signatures and has been growing at around 100 signatures  a day – so the 10,000 signature target is just about possible.

Signing this e-petition won’t save the world but it sends the world, and more particularly moorland managers and government, a very clear signal. The signal is that more needs to be done to eliminate criminal acts in our uplands which have reduced the English Hen Harrier population to a couple of (unsuccessful) pairs when there should be 300 of them.

Please sign – and if you have any friends, please ask them to sign too.




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  1. Like the gagging act even with a massive vote from 38 degrees it was lost in the House of Lords. THE new petition set up by ‘game keepers’ is designed to get no votes so parliament will think no one cares about birds of prey and Buzzard gate will be reality! As few RSPB members are encouraged to sign such petitions like the last one with10,000 votes it seems silly playing into their hands. Only the economic potential can make people listen like the reintroduction of White tailed Eagles to Cumbria and Langholm set up as a raptor hot spot which it used to be before the government got involved. Failures at Bowland don’t help the matter one bit as Hen Harrier is the logo on all the signs for the AONB!!

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