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Xerces Blue 'memorial', Lobos Dunes.  Photo: Liam O'Brien
Xerces Blue ‘memorial’, Lobos Dunes. Photo: Liam O’Brien

I wrote in June about a day I spent being shown butterflies in San Francisco by Liam O’Brien.  Liam showed me the last site of the now-extinct Xerces Blue butterfly and now sends me this image of a memorial which has suddenly appeared.

The Moorland Association, having met Lord de Mauley to bend his ear, is seeking an urgent meeting with Owen Paterson to discuss the importance of burning on deep peat according to their newsletter.  Maybe they will learn how to spell his name before meeting him (Paterson not Patterson).

Commentary on yesterday’s Budget by some NGOs – RSPB, GreenpeaceCPRE, Wildlife Trusts.

Apparently the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation has confirmed that the man posting a video of drinking deer’s blood in a sick ‘neknomination‘ video is one of their members (only click here and here if you have a strong stomach).  The NGO exists to ‘ensure high standards’ throughout the ‘profession’ of gamekeeping.  I’d advise Martin Harper to watch his drinks when he addresses the NGO AGM.

Interesting letters in the Shooting times reproduced on the Raptor Politics website.  Good to see the good speaking out.

I’m raising money for BirdLife International – although not too much so far…

I still haven’t seen a Sand Martin yet this year.


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  1. Another small ‘bits and pieces’ Mark. On today’s Inside Science on BBC R4 there was an item on taxidermy and it’s value in the pre-photographic era as evidence of what animals looked like. An example used was your good friend Martha the Passenger Pigeon! Perhaps you heard it.

  2. I am sure a few more letters from Gamekeepers would encourage others, there are heck of a lot of good gamekeepers out there.

    I am surprised that Sand Martins are doing a left turn before hitting Northamptonshire. This afternoon there were about 200 battling the wind over one lake in my area.

  3. “I’d advise Martin Harper to watch his drinks when he addresses the NGO AGM.”

    or a group of Masai birders …

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