Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill




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3 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

  1. Whether we like it or not and for good or ill we are, de facto, in control - no vote required. We can decide how we use this power over the rest of the world and endeavour to minimise our impact on other species but I don't see the use in pretending that we are not sitting at the controls or in what way we could possibly relinquish the controls (other than through the deliberate elimination of our own species). Much better to recognise that the fate of all species lies in our hands and to try and ensure that we give as many as possible the opportunity to survive and thrive.

    1. Are we not out of control ourselves being that we kil our own off spring? Humanity is a dream concept, So sad because we could have done so much good. But evil is winning.


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