A nice email to receive

Martha coverIt’s lovely to get e-mails like this completely out of the blue:

I finished reading Martha about ten minutes ago and because you are so easy to contact I felt I had to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book. I found it very moving and very thought provoking. I have been interested in the fate of the Passenger Pigeon for many years and I really bought into your analysis of its demise.

I wanted to speak to you about it with you yesterday morning when I saw you at the Birdfair but you were deep in conservation with *********************. Nevertheless it was a gripping read made all the more interesting by your personal experiences in America and Northamptonshire.

Buy yours here.

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3 Replies to “A nice email to receive”

  1. Yes nice that someone took the trouble to let you know how much they enjoyed the book,no doubt as that person said partly because you are easy to contact.Just all part of why some of us think you a special person.

  2. A big miss is a map to show your movements in america. I read and went on google to follow the route through the states as it is not a normal location for many birders to visit. Looking to follow the route in the future with an interested bird tour company.


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