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Photo: Guy Shorrock
Photo: Guy Shorrock

Several readers of this blog contacted the Rural Payments Agency at the news of the conviction of a Norfolk gamekeeper for poisoning birds of prey.  They have received letters of this form:

Thank you for your recent e-mail concerning the Norfolk gamekeeper found guilty of killing protected species of birds.
I can confirm that RPA will consider what action can be taken under the cross compliance rules in respect of the offences for which the gamekeeper was convicted.
Thank you again for bringing this case to our attention.
Should you have any further queries please contact us again quoting reference number XXXXX
Photo: I.Sáček, senior, via wikimedia commons
Photo: I.Sáček, senior, via wikimedia commons
Photo: I.Sáček, senior, via wikimedia commons
Photo: I.Sáček, senior, via wikimedia commons
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5 Replies to “RPA considering…”

  1. Hope you get positive outcomes, but if their follow up is as good as that which they undertook for the damage reported here https://markavery.info/2013/01/17/guest-blog-a-muzzled-watchdog-toothless-terrier-helen-kirk/ then it's business as usual for landowners?

  2. Your readers might be interested to know that from 1 Jan 2015, there will be a new European subsidy scheme for farmers - the Basic Payment Scheme. This will replace the current Single Payment Scheme and has come about through the most recent reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. Cross Compliance will continue to apply but there has been a subtle, yet significant, change to Statutory Management Requirement 2 (the one that protects wild birds) in that it specifically omits Article 5 of the Birds Directive. For those unfamiliar with the detail of the Birds Directive, Article 5 is the bit that requires member states to protect wild birds from deliberate killing and capture, destruction of nests, deliberate disturbance etc. So from 2015 onwards the Rural Payments Agency will not be able to fine recipients of the Basic Payment Scheme if they allow or participate in the illegal persecution of raptors on their land. Imposing a fine on the Stody Estate may well be the last opportunity the RPA has to take action of this nature.

    1. Rob - I didn't know that (there is so much I don't know). Thank you for the information.

      How did that happen? Is that an England-only, UK-only, or EU-wide change?

  3. If anyone is interested in looking at the Cross Compliance requirements from 2015 onwards you can find them here - https://www.agra-net.net/agra/agra-europe/cap-monitor/article369232.ece


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