Two months on


Photo: Guy Shorrock

Photo: Guy Shorrock


It is only two months since 10 August and Hen Harrier day, when hundreds of hardy folk gathered together to protest at the illegal killing of Hen Harriers (and it has taken this long for some of them to dry out!).

It is now two months until the end of the grouse shooting season on 10 December.  For news of the next ‘event’ on this subject watch this space and other spaces – plans are being made involving several major NGOs.

On 10 August our e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting stood at 13,000 signatures, it now stands at well over 18,000 signatures.


Photo: Jim Nettle

Photo: Jim Nettle


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  1. That means around 83 people a day are signing, great work from all concerned.

  2. Tony P. says:

    It seems to me that the customers of the driven grouse moors avoid much of the criticism; the vast majority of them must know that their recreational "fun" happens at the expense of the raptors that would like to make the grouse moors their home, they must know that this happens illegally and they probably also know that modern driven grouse moor management is (according to scientific research) damaging to the moor itself and the environment generally. We ask questions of the grouse moor owners and of gamekeepers and receive little response; could it be time to focus also on the people that pay hefty sums to enjoy their "sport"

    Would it not be possible to identify some of the more high profile driven grouse shooters and ask them publically as to why they are aiding and abetting the practice of illegal raptor persecution in particular and environmental degradation in general.
    I don't use social media but that could be one way or perhaps an open letter to a newspaper from BAWC supported by Mark and Chris Packham. Maybe even, that nice Martha Carney on BBC Radio 4 would be interested in a debate on the matter.

    • Mark says:

      Tony - this is a very good idea and has been suggested before. It is on my 'to do' list. A few bouts of desultory googling hasn't come up with much but you have motivated me to do more - thank you. Watch this space.

  3. Mark W says:

    I have just had an email reply to my query about Single Farm Payments.
    It says that the RPA will consider what action can be taken under the cross compliance rules, in respect of the Norfolk game keeper's offences.
    This sounds like a positive move to me in that at least they will look!
    Perhaps emails to ask about subsidies paid on grouse moors might have some effect.....

    Does anyone know the law as to what would need to be said to who?

    • Monro says:

      First you will need evidence of lawbreaking.

      Second, present the evidence to the local constabulary.

      Third, await any conviction.

      Fourth, write to DEFRA

      Fifth......oh for heavens sake! You can work out the rest. it isn't complicated.

      You will fall at the first hurdle without evidence.

  4. John Miles says:

    Bryan Ferry the lead singer of Roxy Music shoots on a moor near here. [ a Durham lad!]. How would their fans react to him being part of this massacre!!


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