Happy Birthday Andy Clements

Clements, AndyI wouldn’t normally use this blog to wish a happy birthday to a friend but Andy Clements’ 60th birthday deserves celebrating.

Andy is a great birder, a great bloke, a great conservationist and a great bloke (no harm in saying that twice).  He has done (is doing!) a great job leading the BTO and is one of the most respected leaders in UK nature conservation and ornithology.

Some of Andy’s friends thought that it would be a nice idea to support an endangered bird species as a birthday present and you can add your donation by clicking here (then press the purple DONATE button, selectan amount and paste ‘Donation for Andy Clements’ 60th birthday gift’ in the message box).

Happy Birthday Andy – and may the birds be rare, easy to find and numerous on Scilly!


4 Replies to “Happy Birthday Andy Clements”

  1. And he is now on the Board of Natural England. There are many looking forward to him making a positive contribution in the uplands.

    Happy Birthday Andy!

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