2 Replies to “High Peak Vision, Henry?”

  1. The most recent update I can locate is for 2014 & states:

    Vibrant wildlife, including birds of prey
    Hen harriers have been breeding this year thanks to the success of a wide partnership of people and organisations working together to secure the future of birds of prey in the area. We know that one nest is not enough as there will always be natural losses, as we have experienced this year. We will continue to work with our partners to protect the remaining 2 chicks and create an environment where hen harriers can thrive in the future. We are doing this because we want the moors to be a landscape full of different sorts of wildlife and are trying to protect and encourage them all.
    Accessed via http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dark-peak/our-work/article-1355871810486/

    Or, at the risk of being a sceptic should we revisit Douglas McFarlane’s comment of September 2013, or remain agnostics?

    You’d think they might grasp the metaphoric and anticipate issue they ought to address for the 2015 season?

  2. Thanks, Mud-Lark – I didn’t find this when I googled Dark Peak/ the 50 year plan, which I have to say I found strange – as did I find the very low key announcement that HH bred. Did you know that, Mark ? Does anyone know if they succeeded ? And what has happened to them ? For most of us, HH breeding in the Dark Peak is major news – why so coy, I wonder ? The way this is publicised (if you could call it that) is so understated and avoiding of the issues that it projects a strong feeling that NT are dodging and weaving around what most of us would see as their success – and I’m left wondering who is leaning on whom to desperately try and stop NT doing what it is there for – coming out hard and clear for our threatened wildlife.

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