Tories on the left

Keeptidy_askA few weeks ago I had just arrived at St Pancras and was heading down the left hand side of the down escalator when half way down my way was blocked by a well-dressed man standing on the left rather than the right. I said ‘excuse me’ to the back of his head and he stepped aside with a very polite ‘I beg your pardon’.

As I reached the bottom of the escalator I glanced back up and saw the man was Oliver Letwin. I recognised him, and he may have recognised me as we used to meet now and again back in a former existence. We nodded and smiled briefly at each other.

But it just goes to show that even when the Tories move to the left, they still block our progress.

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3 Replies to “Tories on the left”

  1. The tories have now committed to building four new nuclear armed submarines. What a simply terrible and irresponsible waste of money. Just think what could be done for people, wildlife, animals and nature generally with the huge amount of money these things will cost. Words are hardly sufficient to express one’s discust. All we can do is to hope they never have the opportunity to spend that enormous sum.

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