5 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

  1. From the “thumbs down” there appear to be a few people reading this blog reluctant to accept the reality of climate change. This puzzles me a bit because if they are out watching birds, they will have noticed some signs of climate change, won’t they?

  2. Maybe it’s the spelling police who don’t like Ralph’s spelling of ‘there’.

  3. Yes, I wondered how there could be so many dislikes too. None so blind as them as won’t see.

    1. Perhaps folk don’t take kindly to scoring off people with heart disease. Starting on the blind won’t help matters. Who’s next – the deaf?

      Or maybe it’s something to do with the wrong advice, based on cherry-picked data, promoted by single-issue zealots and commerce, adopted by governments and inflicted on the population at large. Contemporary parallels spring to mind.


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