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Henry has been keen to go to London for a long time – but we only flew down there a week ago. What a great day it was – so many photo opportunities – only some of which we can share with you this week.  And so many friendly conversations with taxi drivers, tourists and members of the public.  This certainly helped to spread the word.

Here is Henry outside Defra.  They seem to have barricaded the place in advance of his arrival. Perhaps Liz Truss was afraid that Henry might ask her why @DefraGovUK has not signed up to the Hen Harrier Day thunderclap? Or why their delivery body, the hapless Natural England, has not notified the West Pennine Moors as an SSSI?  Or why Natural England has not publicised the results of its Hen Harrier tracking study? Or how Defra is getting on with the Walshaw Moor burning complaint to the EU? Or why Defra is not moving to limit over-burning of the uplands when such practices are criticised by the Committee on Climate Change in a recent report? Or why she has not ruled out brood-meddling as a daft idea? And when she will publish the report of the Lead Ammunition Group? And when she intends to announce the programme of measures that will phase out toxic lead ammunition from use in England?

And those are just some sample questions relevant to wildlife crime and protection of the uplands.

Maybe I can see why the barricades were up…

Although I was sorry not to be able to show Henry the Defra building in all its glory.

I half expected to see a sign saying ‘Closing down sale – everyone must go’.

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Defra feature in Inglorious on pages 112-13, 119-20, 135-7, 142, 144-46, 149-57, 169, 170, 175, 176-7, 188, 213, 217, 221-23, 230-32 and  234.



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    1. Alan – a good reminder of the fact that I need to finish a letter to my new Conservative MP. Thank you.

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