23,000 signatures

Another milestone was passed last week.

Please sign this e-petition to get a debate in parliament about driven grouse shooting.

BBC Countryfile has an online ‘debate’ on whether we should ban driven grouse shooting but they haven’t posted the link to the e-petition because the BBC can’t be seen to be ‘campaigning’. Hmm! Since when has providing a map been the same as telling someone to go somewhere?

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7 Replies to “23,000 signatures”

  1. Met Office needed 22,700 fewer


  2. For once I disagree. I do think that the BBC should remain impartial (in fact, shame that's not always the case!). They haven't put a link to your petition, but then, neither have they done anything for the other side. At least give them credit for mentioning it.
    However, I think it's a huge bonus that they've allowed both of you an ungenerous 250 words to start an online debate.
    Only 22 replys when I looked but it seems to be 50/50 at the moment.
    What is needed now is for anyone reading this to put their own comment on the site.

    Mr Mank summed it up for me when he said "....driven grouse shooting depends on criminality".
    How can it be allowed to continue when this is case?

  3. If that's the best they can offer as a debate then pity help them if they expect public support for their charter renewal? Read Chapter 3 of "The Establishment" by Owen Jones.

    Debate, a live one like live birds of prey is better than a managed one, ooops - that's the new democracy?

    Countryfile, mmmh their portrayal of rural countryside - I'm rural from countryside upbringing & it certainly isn't representative of reality out here!

  4. I think 'the Establishment' are tampering with this petition. I strongly suspect that more have signed than is being recorded. Might it be an idea to switch to Avaz or similar. My guess is that someone has been told to spike this in govt. Is there any way of checking if those you know have signed are appearing?

    1. Stephen, mine went on straight away. Have you signed? We need everyone on this site to sign, at least then you'll know if it's been tampered with.
      Personally, I think the low number is the usual apathy, and of course, that suits the other side perfectly.

      1. Mine didn't go on immediately so does that make Stephen's suggestion wrong?

        I'm sure we'd all like to be able to trust the 'Establishment' but what have they done to earn that trust or respect? Better still what evidence is there available to show that they can be trusted?

        Conversely I don't disagree that apathy is rife, at the risk of repetitative groan there's a deafening silence from the 1 million usual suspects for sure ....

  5. Re the "driven grouse shooting depends on criminality" comment ..what is more apposite here is that "driven grouse shooting depends on the killing of predators"...we should be reminded of the long hard and necessary struggle to get legal protection for our birds of prey, in the face of that threat, which almost wiped out several species in the recent past. Laws can be changed or tampered with, lets make sure that never happens here. Remind yourself of why these people are criminals.


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