Six reasons to ban lead ammunition (6)

Here is a video of a duck showing the typical signs of lead poisoning – this is avoidable, so let’s avoid it.

Sign Rob Sheldon’s e-petition to ban lead ammunition.




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5 Replies to “Six reasons to ban lead ammunition (6)”

  1. Oh Mark, I am sure your friends in the shooting industry (those that still have the motor skills to use a keyboard) will point out that the duck has clearly just been on the sauce because, as they have been pointing out, there is no evidence of lead poisoning affecting waterfowl. Surely those fine upstanding psychopaths cannot be telling deliberate falsehoods?

  2. The shooting lobby not telling the truth! Heaven forfend. But the again they are of the school of if you shout loud and confidently enough people might believe the utter guff you are selling. Petition signed email to MP about the be written about this and the birds directive.

  3. Like James I stopped the video well before the end.Anyone who doesn't understand the link between lead, poisoning, and deaths of wildlife must be living in cloud cuckoo land. That duck is likely to be picked off by a fox before someone finds it to take it to a vet. Well in normal wild circumstances that would happen!
    I find some shooters think all is sweetness and light in the world. As Sir D.A said recently, they are on a power fix, and the ultimate power is power over life and death!
    They seem to revel in their power to kill!


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