Putting the abolition of driven grouse shooting on the map


The e-petition website is getting rather flashy these days.

Our e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting is doing fine, ticking along, and now you can look at a map of where the signatures come from.

Just look for the link under the current signature total and click, and you’ll see a map very like the one above.  This will allow you to see that the Isle of Wight is still leading the way (127 signatures), a little ahead of Defra minister Rory Stewart’s constituency of Penrith and the Border (114), Calder Valley (109), Norman Lamb’s North Norfolk (107), Stroud (106), and High Peak (94). As mentioned before, these aren’t exactly urban constituencies are they?

My own constituency of Corby is holding up its end pretty well with 51 signatures.

Have a look at the e-petition and you’ll want to hover over your own home constituency – then why not do something about getting its numbers up, please? Ask your friends and neighbours to sign too.

Sign here and we can get a debate about the future of driven grouse shooting in parliament.


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12 Replies to “Putting the abolition of driven grouse shooting on the map”

    1. Keith - maybe they are coming along a bit later - the site seems to be developing gradually. You are right of course. And there was lots of enthusasm for banning driven grouse shooting at the NI BTO conference at the weekend.

    1. There are 650 constituencies in UK. 23677 divided by 650 is about 36 per constituency. It looks about right to me.

  1. There is an "about" box on the bottom bar of the map . If you click on it says NI isn't on due to "licensing issues" whatever thay are.

      1. I may just be rubbing a shoulder chip but it sounds more like "We've paid the OSGB licence: we're not paying the OSNI licence too": there is a shared website: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/election-maps

  2. Hi Mark,
    I am in correspondence with my local MP trying to get her support for the driven grouse e-petition and EU Nature Directives. She has responded with a 'standard' response on grouse moors and game management:
    'You may be interested to know that the vast majority of grouse moors that are sites of special scientific interest are now in favourable or recovering condition, whereas only around half were in that state in 2006. This reflects growing awareness among moorland managers of the importance and sensitivity of upland biodiversity. Game management plays an important role in the rural economy, generating income and employment in some of our most remote communities. For example, shooting contributes in the region of £2 billion to the rural economy and supports the equivalent of around 70,000 full-time jobs'.
    While Inglorious addresses this issues, I am struggling to find a response covering the true state of SSSI/grouse moors, financial contribution of game management to economy and jobs generated. Can you or other readers point me towards recent data, reports or blogs that will enable me to compile a substantial response on these issues? Thanks.


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