I missed this – better late than never


It was just over a year ago, 9 November 2014, that the 11th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species (in Resolution 11.15) called on Parties to “Phase-out the use of lead ammunition across all habitats (wetland and terrestrial) with non-toxic alternatives within the next three years with Parties reporting to CMS COP12 in 2017, working with stakeholders on implementation.

Less than two years left.

Why is Defra dragging its feet on doing what the UK has already signed up to do?

Why is Defra not acting on the report of the Lead Ammunition Group which it has had in its hands for getting on for six months?

And why am I pointing this out rather than WWT and RSPB?

Please sign Rob Sheldon’s e-petition to ban lead ammunition.


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  1. Who pressed the “Dislike” button on a simple matter of fact? You really have to question the intellect of some of these pro-shooting people. Let’s face it: it was THEIR political party who signed up to the agreement. Of course, they also promised not to touch tax credits and to be the greenest government ever, so they don’t have a great track record of living up to their responsibilities and promises at home but this is an international agreement and they need to be trusted by their international partners in Europe if they are going to get any concessions for their pathetic referendum.

  2. “And why am I pointing this out rather than WWT and RSPB?”

    Mark, your just being naughty. You know full well that they are both too afraid of upsetting the powers that be to support this.
    Same reason your petition to ban driven grouse shooting has only achieved 23k votes instead of 123k.
    There are many things they could be informing their members of but aren’t.

    Fact is that Rob Sheldon should never have had to launch his petition…..thank god he did.

    1. Paul – I think that Rob expected support from these NGOs, just as John Armitage did from the RSPB when he started his licensing e-petition.

      Well done Rob, and so far, not very well done RSPB and WWT. Still, there’s plenty of time for them to get engaged.

  3. Now I am not being defeatist here (Napoleon would not approve!) but just in case the petitions do not reach 100,000 is there not a way the people on our side could agree the wording of a petition that they would all support and get behind. Just to get the subject debated would be a great step forward,even if we have to compromise a bit to reach Parliament.Then the various solutions would at least get a hearing.Maybe a clever bit of wording for the petition may even pick up a few votes from the opposition.

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