It’s a big story


A few weeks ago I sat under a dinosaur as two others walked past.

The wonderful setting of the Natural History Museum was the scene for the recording of The Big Story which will be broadcast this evening at 8pm and again on Christmas morning at 6am.

You can see in the image above that I was sitting under the tail of a Diplodocus as two dinosaurs strolled by – you don’t get that on the radio of course!

I’ll find it interesting to listen to discover which of the good bits they had to leave out to fill the programme.  The show was hosted by Rory Bremner and the wonderful Brett Westwood and there were readings by Tamsin Greig (who was wearing a very striking scarlet coat – you won’t see that on the radio either!) and interviews with a variety of boffins.

What was it all about? The Big Story, the only real story on Earth, is the story of life on Earth.