Where you are – update

If you had a guess at how many signatures our e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting will achieve before it closes on 21 January then your name should be on this list.

If your name is in red, then I’m afraid events have already passed you by – but thank you for being a sport and having a go.

If your name is in blue, then you are still in with a chance.

The further down the list you are then the more it is in your interests to get lots and lots of your friends to sign up too!

There are eight whole days to go – perhaps nine – depending on when on 21 January the government website closes down (I’ve asked, but not yet had an answer).  Those extra 24 hours might make quite a lot of difference the way things are going at the moment.  There certainly is a surge in signatures right at the end.

Sign here, please, to send a strong message to Liz Truss  (winner of the Birdwatch readers’ guano award) and Rory Stewart that they should do something about the unsustainable land use that is driven grouse shooting.


Fraser Cottington 27462
Robert Ince 27727
Jeff 27844
Paul Bray 27856
Chris Batey 27,960
Lisa Mobey 28,001
Northern diver 28,046
Ross Mason 28,057
John Sargent 28,101
Ali C 28132
Graham Sorrie 28208
Adam Jasper 28217
David McGrath 28258
Tom Willis 28321
Richard Wayre 28478
Caroline Colingwoood 28659
Nick Bee 28681
John Conlin 28,756
Jo 28771
Chris Wing 28850
Paul Arestides 29002
Robert Locock 29010
John Armitage 29218
Jeff NE London RSPB Group 29292
Jo 29310
M Parry 29401
Michael May 29410
Ben Iddon 29456
Neil McKenn 29456
Martin Bailey-Wood 29501
John Beal 29504
John Harrison 29639
Richard Ebbs 29692
Dytiscus 29925
Alan Warford 30002
Ian Sutton 30045
John Turton 30102
Susan Cross 30103
James Marsden 30105
Owen 30200
Roger Crofts 31126
Nigel Jennings 31498
Carole 31654
Gerard Hobley 31742
Les Wallace 31876
Barry O’Dowd 32500
Paul Fisher 32796
Colin McP 33133
Tony McDougal 33473
Mark Fitzpatrick 38510
Paul Fielden 45000


2 Replies to “Where you are – update”

  1. Mark – when this petition closes, are you considering a new petition calling for a more broad assessment of upland management and the economic costs to society, and based around your arguments in Inglorious and quoting subsidies to upland landowners. I think the timing would be perfect given recent flooding. A petition about planting trees and stopping shooting beavers currently has 163,000 signatures so clearly the public are ripe for engaging in such issues. I feel it might be worth striking while the iron is hot.


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