Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill




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7 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

    1. The real losers are folk daft enough to believe that too many (not all) politicians are interested in anything other than themselves?

      650 + 800 - when will they keep to their word of reduced numbers? Instead we have more now in the Lords than when 'they' promised to reform it! Reminiscent of when we let them sort their own expenses scandal out, and all is well still?

  1. Perhaps we could have a cartoon about how little the Labour party did in thirteen years on anything remotely helpful for birds and wildlife? Like their unstinting support for the shooters and the way their councillors cointually (still do) trampled over green spaces at any opportunity. Mr Avery, a great many of us love nature but are a millions miles removed from the left wing agenda and party you support. I would suggest a great bulk of the nature loving public are also far removed from the likes of your mate Comrade Corbyn and his Marxist friends. Many of the greatest conservationists have been Conservatives, for example Sir Peter Scott and Lord Buxton.These days we all supposed to sign up to a left wing agenda and be so-called "green". I am also against shooting but find it the height of nonsense that you campaign against birds being killed by shooters, which I agree about, but support the wind farm industry which kills millions of birds, bats and other wildlife each year across the world. I am not a member of any political party, simply find this fantasy that the Labour party (not about to be in power to do anything for a very very long time) is somehow a friend of nature.

    1. Mike - it certainly shows the power of cartoons that you are so wound up. Thank you for your comment - some of which is factually incorrect but no matter.

  2. Boom and bust isn't just economic. Sadly, Labour seems to build and conservatives destroy - much of the overspend in the labour years was repairing the Thatcherite lack of investment and if you want to know where the money went, just look mat the new hospitals and schools.

    Labour did do a lot for wildlife, most visibly trying to improve (with considerable success) our SSSIs - a commitment that came with real, new money. A graph in a recent blog by RSPB's Martin Harper shows clearly the inevitable - a significant increase to 2010 followed by a decline that is probably less gradual than the graph shows because of lag in condition assesments. Probably even more significantly, Labour launched a major programme to improve often derelict land around our towns and cities - the foundations for what could be a new paradigm for the setting of our cities, and with wide-ranging implications for everything from birds to flood management. Those initiatives were, however, based on earlier work led by Michael Heseltine. This is not just about party politics. What it probably is about is whether or not politicians are interested in leaving us all a better country - or only a better country for their pals.

  3. It all goes to show that whatever political party the individual favours they are blind to their faults.


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