Rude message from David Parks on Facebook

I get some of this. This was posted as a message on my Facebook page yesterday night, posted just before midnight, I see.

what a fckn blinkered idiot you are…! you and the like of Packham……………….you will never defeat shooting,insignificant idiots……………

It’s always nice to know that people care.

The person who sent me this kind message is this person:


And that person, who is not ‘friends’ with me on Facebook (had you guessed?) says this about himself:


And that person might well be the person who commented once, under the name David Parks, on this blog (also posted late at night I notice):


And here is another Facebook post of his confirming that he seems to be Northumberland-based:


as Kirkley Hall is there (and looks a nice place):




Well, Hi! David! I don’t think you and I are likely to be friends. You appear to be a gamekeeper from south Northumberland – is that right?












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29 Replies to “Rude message from David Parks on Facebook”

  1. they probably sit around drinking all evening until they've got their 'courage' up to post a comment

  2. So insignificant that he's taken the time to search out your FB page & leave a message?

    When the arguments run dry they turn to personal insults.

  3. I went to Kirkley Hall college many years ago on a Conservation and Land Management course. Amazing place and many great memories. I even remember Joe Gillespie who taught us hedge laying, stonewalling etc etc. Top bloke. Unfortunately even then was loads of distrust between conservation courses and 'land management courses' which was always forgotten when we were on same Rugby team though I was the only Conservationist on team.!!! Can remember numerous idiots like the guy above. If it moves kill it.
    Adam Hutt

  4. Ah yes I remember that blog, Dec '15, "an ex-gamekeeper writes". One I actually commented on as his rediculous comments had me boiling. He seems to like the word idiot, IDIOT!
    I think the likes of him are feeling a little hot around the collar as of late, the truth is starting to bite them.
    One day #wewillwin

  5. Either drunken or bordering on illiterate. Then again, you don't need a double first in English from Oxbridge to blast defenceless birds out of the sky.

    N.B. David, if you're reading this, I used to be a keen shot. So you can save the angry late night rant.

    1. 'Either drunken or bordering on illiterate'

      Not mutually exclusive categories! Either way he is incapable of mounting a coherent argument.

  6. Ironically, if you really were "insignificant" he wouldn't bother reading or posting. It's a sign they are going to lose and are angry about it.
    Ignore the abuse and take heart. There are over 32,000 people on your side.

  7. You'll get more of this as the campaign for a ban continues. Put it down to a combination of gin, lead, latent idiocy - and your growing support.

  8. Perhaps worth considering creating a special section on this site entitled: 'The nice things that they say'. Maybe one section for specifically abusive comments, and another ('Chumps Corner'?) for nonsensical / ecologically illiterate arguments?

  9. Tough guy behind his keyboard. Why not invite him to appear with you to debate the issues in a public forum? Then we'll see how quick he is to voice his opinions. If this is what we are up against though, it does fill me with renewed hope. Its the shadowy figures in the background pulling the stings that I worry about.

    1. Talking of figures in the background, is that not an idiot on his shoulder in the photo, or just a goon?

  10. since he's online late at night (and lets face it, we can guess what he's likely to be DOING online late at night....) surely he wouldn't object to getting the odd phone call in the wee hours to discuss the error of his ways?

  11. Our sab group page often gets comments from the hunting/shooting brigade and the same on my own blog. Most seem to have some fairly significant issues with regard to putting a coherent sentence together.

    Most also seem to come from the "you don't understand country ways" argument and very quickly resort to unimaginative insults. Another thing which is fairly consistent is their astounding lack of knowledge of ecology and the environment.

    I always take it as a compliment when some tweed clad halfwit who likes to kills things for fun insults me, it means we're having an effect and they're feeling threatened. It also means I can usually find out who they are and where they work, most have little concept of on-line security and IP addresses.

    Keep up the good work.


  12. Alcohol seems to play quite a role in game shooting activities. I wonder if our police and politicians have an official view on the advisability of combining strong drink and the discharge of firearms on a regular basis? Perhaps we should ask them.
    'Intemperate behaviour' can be grounds for refusal for the issue or renewal of firearms licenses...

    1. Re: Alcohol
      Have you seen the photos on here?

      Most shoots supply liberal alcohol in the lunch break and then shooting continues. I know a man who collected a faceful of shot and was blinded in one eye following his beloved "sport".

      1. Can you be drunk in charge of a fire arm? Whats the criteria? Same test as per diriver?

  13. 'N.B. David, if you're reading this, I used to be a keen shot. So you can save the angry late night rant.'

    No ....... bring it on David ....... preferably using words of more than one syllable ...... let's really see what your argument is ...... with evidence ........ stand your corner ...... without personal insults ...... if that's possible ........

  14. Imagine if keepers like Mr Park had some intelligence - then you would possibly have a much harder battle on to save raptors. As it is I don't imagine that they could possibly fight back with anything other than verbal diarrhoea and/or physical abuse.

  15. Don't worry too much Mark-some of us dream of being mentioned in the same sentence as Chris Packham!

  16. Various nutcases on FB at the moment; many lying through their teeth. Nice to see them getting increasingly wound up when they're challenged. πŸ™‚

  17. A distinct level of anger at the plebs and proles getting above their station, it seems to me anyway. It is what always happens when the great and the good of this country feel like they aren't getting their own way, a tantrum laden with entitlement and authoritarianism. Just look at their response to the doctor's strikes too, same thing but at least those of us opposing driven grouse shooting have yet to be accused of literal treason like the poor junior docs have been.

  18. An empirical explanation for his egregious and excremental ejaculation is the effervescing of an ever exuberant e-petition.
    In the end it’s their elitism against our ecosystem.

  19. Sad people like Mr Park believe it or not think they are the only real countrymen and somehow superior to the rest of us. Probably the greatest of self delusions.
    It's these sort of people that kill our Hen Harriers, Peregrines and Goshawks. If there is a god, I hope he forgives them because I cannot. Bastards!

    1. Yep. No need for mind-reading for nefarious intent - physiological evidence convicts. Just think what the conviction of entire convoys of Chelsea tractor-drivers would do for crime stats, which is what really matters. Cat-skinning courses would help

  20. "failed childhood dreams of being a gamekeeper"- you too could be a moronic flunky, paid a pittance, reliant on a tied house with one aim in life to kill things that your "betters" tell you to. Don't be too disappointed that you have not reached these dizzy heights Mark.

  21. I'm concerned that David Parks might be right and all your worries stem from a childhood trauma caused by failing to become a gamekeeper. Being a firm believer that it's never too late and age should be no bar, I've just checked the entry requirements at one college offering courses in Gamekeeping. I'm sorry to say I think you'll find getting in very tricky, Mark. First off they demand 4 "GCESE’s" at D-E, but although I can find plenty of colleges offering GCSEs nobody seems to offer "GCESEs" these days. Perhaps, though, your Ph.D. will let you scrape through on the academic side. If so for God's sake don't mention Hen Harrier in the mandatory interview.


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