Would you buy me a pint, please?


I bet you would!  This one looks nice – see more about it here.

Instead of buying me a pint please consider making a small-ish, pint-sized (though gallon-sized would be fine too), donation to the campaign to ban driven grouse shooting.

Your donation will be spent to publicise the campaign and e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting in the following ways:

  • design, printing and postage of posters to publicise the campaign.
  • design, printing and postage of cards to be delivered door-to-door or handed out at events.
  • boosting of the Ban Driven Grouse Shooting Facebook page

Thank you for your support.



9 Replies to “Would you buy me a pint, please?”

  1. It would be absolutely superb if we had the resources mentioned to hand out at events etc. Even a small card with details of the epetition would be brilliant. On Saturday I was helping out at the Denny and Dunipace Gala day which gave me the opportunity to say hi again to an acquaintance from last year – a falconer with a stand of birds collecting donations for work to rehabilitate sick and injured birds. Last year he told me of a keeper in the borders who once approached him to ask if he would be interested in four goshawk chicks? He was going to shoot them anyway. Initially I was disappointed as my pal didn’t have the three big photo boards highlighting raptor persecution (originally donated by the great and kind Peter Cairns) passed on to him in 2015. Not to worry they were being used at the Bathgate Highland Games, he was one of three reps from his organisation that were working that very same day. Falconry displays have never been so popular and at this time of year they have to turn work down. I asked him how many people he thinks he spoke to at the Gala last year, ‘hundreds upon hundreds’, a figure that was repeated this year – he never stopped from 12.00 o’clock till closing time at about 5 pm. A few falconers on our side a bit more in the way of resources and planning and by god that would really get the petition numbers up. Personally I’d love to volunteer to work next to someone like that all day to help get the message across to the punters, make a nice change face to face rather than via a keyboard, think it would have more impact too. What’s the best way of doing it?

  2. Fantastic – I hope I’ll get to pin posters up in my house window, car, local bird hide and anywhere else in the public view. I can also see myself handing out leaflets out during my local nature festival and directly to those friends of mine who have never responded on social media.

    I think that recent You Gov poll showing 52% of Scottish voters want to ban driven grouse shooting proves we don’t need so much have to convince 61000 more people but we do need to reach them and prompt them to sign it.

  3. Hi Mark

    Last year before Hen Harrier day I popped some home printed leaflets on cars in and around Bowland, also stopped every walker , runner I came across and told them about HH day. A simple template to download and print ( black and white ) would be welcome

  4. Mark i hope you are going to re-blog this many, many times with more accurate titles.
    I get your RSS feed and when i saw the title i was going to skip this post.
    Luckily i later decided to have a read.

  5. Have you posted about your petition on the RSPB facebook page (177,000 likes = audience of 177,000)

    And the Wildlife Trusts (18,000 likes)

    RSPCA (500,000 likes)

    BirdWatchingMagazine (20,000 likes)

    BTO facebook page (18,000 likes)

    Could go on .. Lancs WT, Yorks WT etc

    Similarly with their twitter pages

  6. Hunting one (1) animal for food maybe.. Slaughter hundreds (100’s) for “sporting” reasons is VERY FLAWED THINKING. Not only are you acting terribly inhumanely, you are screwing with the ECOSYSTEM… ❗️

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