Four days – who will win?

Inglorious PB loDo you remember being offered the chance to guess the total that we would reach by midnight on the 31 July – that’s Sunday?  Here are the guesses (closest gets a signed copy of the new paperback edition of Inglorious):

51495 Robert Kingsbury-Barker
51798 Roger Little
53471 Sue
54356 Peter Swallow
54731 notso
55333 Steven Savage
56000 Emma Thompson
57356 Graham Sorrie
58713 Kate Cartmell Done
61645 Ollie Hornbeam
62773 Murray Marr
63587 Tom Jones
63800 Simon Watts
64000 Jen Plumstead
64125 John Conlin
64223 Owen
64328 timmyG
65372 Sue Scowcroft
65450 Philip Collins
66569 Gerard Hobley
67201 Michael Cavanagh
67549 tim B
67976 Jim Clarke
68324 Les Wallace
69780 John Wilde
70237 Chris Hawkridge
70000 Andy Paton
70056 Wildhils
71234 Sean M
72209 tperry
74278 Mick Ryan
75213 Watching with Interest
77377 Richard Ebbs
79845 Northern Diver
86725 Nick Miles
91249 Nick Bee
97079 Ross Mason
100000 Derbysmossfool
100001 Dave
100027 Ruth Peacey
101673 Karen Scammell

I am entirely neutral of course as to who wins, and would unrealistically like Karen Scammell to win! if not, then the figure 0f 66,666 (and a win for Gerald Hobley) would have a certain something about it. But actually – the more the merrier!


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