This is ludicrous and funny

Oropendola productions – good for them!

Oropendola Productions and Playfuel recently delivered an interactive street game for the Manchester Science Festival which took place on the streets of the city in order to raise awareness of the impact and causes of flooding.

Think escapes rooms meets crystal maze with a treasure hunt thrown in, all against the clock, as a team of 5 work to limit the effects of flooding in the city.

One element of the game allowed players to pick a political battle to tackle: challenging floodplain development, changing how farmland is managed or even lobbying for a complete ban on driven grouse shooting.

This video is part of the information material given to players about the Ban on Driven Grouse Shooting. Now more than ever we feel it important to use humour as a tool, whilst also outlining the most common arguments used by grouse estate owners in support of the shooting industry.

The overall aim was to subtly inform the wider public about some of the lesser known causes of flooding and the potential impacts of climate change on their city.

The game ran twice with 118 people taking part and was a great success. Average feedback of enjoyment was 8.8 out of 10 and 78% said that they learnt new things about flooding.  Many were surprised to find out about the true cost of driven grouse shooting.

The team behind the game including street game designers, actors and musicians are all passionate about finding novel ways to engage the wider public with environmental issues and is currently seeking funding to bring this to other cities around the UK.

So it might come to a town near you soon!

To find out more check this link –

Nicholas Rodd – Oropendola Productions

Notes: Oropendola Productions are a production company specialising in videos about nature and the environment with a particular interest in Human-wildlife conflict.

In spring 2017 a film on the collision of worlds and illegal persecution of migrating birds of prey in the bottleneck of Georgia will be released.

Find out more here

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17 Replies to “This is ludicrous and funny”

  1. Just to put the word out; thanks to Sheffield Labour Party our city became a Police State in the early hours of this morning, squads of cops locking up pensioners for standing outside their own houses;

    I should imagine that I will be arrested too before very much longer but I will fight Labour to my dying days over this.

    1. If, as reported, they were operating chainsaws at five o'clock in the morning I would think you can also make a strong case for statutory nuisance against the council. I suggest this not as a frivolous distraction but as another possible line of attack against the council's, frankly incomprehensible, war on street trees. I would urge people to complain to the city's environmental health department.

      1. Cheers Jonathan, looks like it's going to be one course of action. So there we are, we will be staying awake at night waiting for the Police to raid our street. Beat up and framed miners, suffocated and besmirched football fans, sadistically abused young girls, perverts spying from helicopters, and now night raids to lock up pensioners that just want some trees on their street. South Yorkshire Police; so very, very proud of you.

      1. Phil Davis - you haven't been banned, you've been told. I think you can have the rest of the day off though because you are just wasting my time and that of others.

      2. See comment below. I have nothing but contempt for sad attention seeker crying freedom of speech on a day when two 70 year old women have been dragged to a police cell at dawn for simply standing in front of their own homes.

  2. I thank the G I am wearing my corset!

    Great vid of Jonny May's try for England that followed on my innovation!

    Seriously, what is to be done? As I suggested

    Mark writes: yes you did, you are repeating yourself and are off topic on this post.

    Just a suggestion and possibly my last !

    Mark writes: we know you don't mean it.

    1. Well that was my best suggestion yet and you've editted it out. So much for your belief in free speech! I'll have to resort to the dreaded "Twit"ter.

      1. Phil Davis - you posted 14, or was it more, comments yesterday and are now embarking on repeating them on a different post today. If that is your definition of your free speech being infringed then so be it.

        You are welcome to post here but do show a bit of restraint in splurging every new (or not so new) thought you have as a comment here. And stick to the topic of the post. And don't repeat yourself. And don't repeat yourself. And don't repeat yourself.

  3. When will Prince William do something about persecution in his own counrty?

    "Endangered animals are being killed in "horrifying numbers" and efforts to tackle the crisis must be accelerated, the Duke of Cambridge has said."

  4. When the "Ludicrous" clip finished, in normal You Tube style up popped a choice of two further clips to watch. On one side - Cats are so funny you can't stop laughing - 711K views. On the other - an Andrew Gilruth podcast on driven grouse shooting - No views. Now that's funny.

  5. Very droll.

    It brings to mind Jim Broadbent and Mike Leigh's deliciously wry: 'A Sense of History'. Black comedy gold:


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