Don’t panic, don’t panic!

The Hawk and Owl Trust is looking for a Crisis Management Strategist!  The successful applicant will have a ball and chain which they can fit to the leg of the current Chair and a gag of an appropriate size.

In between putting out fires that were started by the organisation’s Chair they will update their annual strategy every month. They will need to be ‘fiercely organised’ in order to re-write press releases generated elsewhere in the organisation.

It sounds quite a tough job to me.  Eco-zealots need not apply!

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8 Replies to “Don’t panic, don’t panic!”

  1. A useful reminder - 'grouse shooting is the new target of eco-activists (zealots in some versions) '

    No, Phillip, Hen harriers are the continuing target of grouse shooters - remember the chicken and the egg - stop shooting Hen Harriers and the eco activists may stop targeting grouse shooting.

  2. Allow me to present my strategy:
    When in trouble
    Or in doubt
    Run in circles
    Scream and shout.

    Hmmm, actually, I believe they may have that covered already.

  3. I am sad to say I am a Life Member of Hawk and Owl Trust. If I was paying annually I would resign, but as it is I will hang on in there in the hope of an improvement.

    I did try tackling someone on the stand at the Bird fair about the policy on HenHarriers and got absolutely nowhere, but I will continue to make my views known!


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