Another bird flu case at another turkey farm in Lincolnshire

Yesterday Defra revealed that there has been another outbreak of bird flu at a commercial turkey farm in East Lindsey, Lincolnshire. This was in the same district of Lincolnshire as the other main outbreak of H5N8 affecting a commercial premises which was also at a turkey farm and also in East Lindsey back in December. Defra lifted the Protection Zone measures, on 9 January, around the premises where the first outbreak occurred (on 16 December).  Despite the close proximity of the two cases, and the second occurring just a week after the Protection Zone measures were lifted around the first farm, Defra say that:

The UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer has confirmed H5N8 avian flu in a flock of turkeys at a farm in East Lindsey, Lincolnshire. This follows confirmation of the disease in a flock of turkeys on a nearby farm on 16 December 2016. There is unlikely to be a direct link to the previous case but a full investigation is under way to confirm this.

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