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No book review this week – I haven’t had time to do a particular book justice in my reading.

But I have been in a few bookshops in London. It’s always good to see one’s own books on sale, even if they sometimes take a bit of tracking down sometimes. This copy of Remarkable Birds was in the insects section until I gave it a bit of help to find a more prominent and appropriate location.

Sometimes I find my books in the section of Waterstones they label ‘Smart thinking’ and I puff out my chest when that happens – I bet readers do the same when they take a book off those shelves and are slightly less likely to put it back again  or else they will look as though they are rejecting smart thinking.

But this time I found a copy of Helen Piclher’s Bring Back  the King in that section – highly appropriate.

Q: as Penelope Lively been out twitching?

A: No, I don’t think so, but even  having birds on your cover seems to sell books.


Remarkable Birds by Mark Avery is published by Thames and Hudson – for reviews see here.

Inglorious: conflict in the uplands by Mark Avery is published by Bloomsbury – for reviews see here.  Updated paperback edition now out.






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2 Replies to “Books in book shops”

  1. I saw a copy of Inglorious in Inverness Waterstones. The staff had placed it prominently in the gamekeeping section. It stood out a mile. The next week someone had put it so only the spine showed so I repositioned it so they could see the whole book again. Every little helps big man!! 🙂


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