How did I miss this? Sell out? No, Sells stays in!


I’m not sure how I missed this piece of news except, perhaps, because it was only lauded on the Moorland Association website.

Andrew Sells is pictured hiding behind a wall by the Moorland Association whereas Natural England is usually perceived as sitting on a fence whilst preparing to jump off on the wrong side of it!

It is clear that the Moorland Association feel they have Mr Sells on their side. Now, about that X-ray of Rowan…

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8 Replies to “How did I miss this? Sell out? No, Sells stays in!”

  1. With a surge in house building on SSSIs [Sites of Sustainable Slosh Income] I presume this man will carry on making money out of this market that brought him to fame!

  2. John Barrett of Natural England retired last autumn. This video clip says it all, I think, even if it dates back to 2011.

    Let's hope Mr Barrett's replacement isn't in the Moorland Associations pocket as well.

  3. It seems Andrew Sells will get £61,698 for 113 days work per year for Natural England.
    Anyone know what he does/earns for the other 252 days?


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