Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill

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5 Replies to “Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill”

  1. I'd laugh if I didn't think I might start crying instead :'(

    The horrible thing is that there is a huge chunk of the English Electorate who actually want a bad deal simply because it will vindicate their martyr complex. Tis better to lose and nobly suffer than to triumph and leisurely enjoy the fruits of success, and all that guff.

    And Mad Terry, she has that religious streak of hers that gets off on the idea of life being all hard strife as a mark of virtue.

  2. This what Richard Murphy has to say about the Rock:
    "Gibraltar is an outpost of an era that still exists only in the minds of the likes of William Hague. It’s a remnant of Empire and colonialism that has no place in a modern Europe, in which the UK apparently wants no part. And it is funded by its activity as a tax haven and centre for offshore gambling. The first activity is intent on undermining the global economy and the legitimate tax revenues of democratically elected governments. The other is wedded to destroying individual lives. Quite emphatically, this is a place that is dedicated undermining well-being.
    That upset some Gibraltarians: I responded to their comments, and dismissed them all, here."

  3. Lord Howard’s recent jingoistic statement implying that May could use military force to protect Gibraltar is inflammatory, ignorant and demeaning.
    It’s now clear why Ann Widdecombe once said, ‘there’s something of the night about him.’

    1. Was a well timed statement to distract from yet another round of cuts to disability benefits though. Suicide rates for the disabled keep on rising, at some point we are going to wake up and realise it is quiet genocide on the disabled.


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