Looking forward to reading this

I’m very much looking forward to reading this book when it comes out on 10 August this summer.

David Cobham is a vice president of the Hawk and Owl Trust and I very much enjoyed his earlier book on birds of prey, A Sparrowhawk’s Lament (reviewed here).




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  1. SPOILER ALERT: Its a quick read, as it is scientifically accurate; Beth is shot by a gamekeeper three days after fledging. Subsequently, he is released by police after explaining that he mistook her for a hunt saboteur in a hanglider.

  2. Love the timing:) and yes, looking forward also, absolutely.

    Will it be another epitaph that drives the campaign momentum onwards?

  3. A timely reminder that HOT is split pretty much the same way the country is over Brexit ! I’m with David in trying to get it back on the right track. In the meantime, good work continues on the ground and although I wasn’t there, I gather Phillip was given a pretty hard time at the AGM in the autumn.

    1. I think it’s about time there was a ‘Friends of HoT’ group – i.e. a group of members determined to expose precisely what is going on within this charity – get details of their meetings and debates out in the open so the membership can properly evaluate whether Philip is steering HoT into the rocks. At the moment Philip appears to be using HoT as a vehicle to pursue his own agenda and I bet he’ll drop the organisation like a hot potato at the first sign of things falling apart (a bit like Cameron abandoned the Tories as soon as he lost his Brexit vote).

  4. Has anyone else noticed that ‘You Forgot the Birds’ seems to have disappeared?

    Permanently, let’s hope!

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