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In this occasional series (weekly so far – but this is only week 2) of links to other interesting blog posts, here are some more blogs that have caught my eye:



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  1. re: organic Grosue

    Despite my raspberries never having been treated with fertiliser, herbicide, fungicide or insecticide, if I set up a stall outside the gate and advertised them for sale as “Organic”, or “organic” even, the Organic Word Police would be on my back like rats on a pile of grain. Because I am Not Allowed to use the word “organic”, with or without capitalisation, unless I pay a ransom every year for registration to one of the members of the organic-word sequestration club, to prove that I didn’t do anything to my raspberries, even though I didn’t do anything to my raspberries. This is not an encouragement for growers who want to produce food untouched by manufactured chemicals, and aren’t looking after their cousin’s sprayer for them.

    We would be in deep doody indeedy if the RSPB sequestered the word “Birds”

      1. Then I’d be accused of an intention to deceive. It’s all theoretical anyway because a) my tenancy agreement prohibits me from selling from the front gate (presumably because an enterprising previous tenant provided refreshments for exhausted marathon runners and walkers) and b) as no crop protection measures are used the berry hawks eat all the soft fruit anyway except when occasionally I win the battle of nerves as to when the blackcurrants are ready. I’ve never managed to harvest a redcurrant in ten years. So far no rhubarb or chili predators have evolved.

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