Big Butterfly Count

Peacock on Angelica Photo: Tim Melling


The Big Butterfly Count starts on Friday (Bastille Day) and lasts until 6 August (the Sunday of Hen Harrier Day weekend).

If you spend 15 minutes looking for butterflies and day-flying moths, record what you see, and then enter the data you will be contributing to the world’s biggest survey of butterflies.

Last year over 36,000 people took part and collected some interesting and useful information – and had a lot of fun too.

Even the commonest of butterflies are gorgeous when you get a good look at them.  The Peacock (pictured above) was number seven on the list last year – and is a regular visitor to my garden – and the Green-veined White (below) was at number eight and is also both beautiful and common.

Watch the ever-enthusiastic Mike Dilger explain what it’s all about – click here.

Join the thunderclap today or tomorrow (Thursday) to alert your friends and followers to the Big Butterfly Count.


Green-veined White Photo: Tim Melling