A video about why we should ban driven grouse shooting

This is the video that BASC didn’t want you to see…


5 Replies to “A video about why we should ban driven grouse shooting”

  1. Sorry to say… but not a lot of controversy there…. still there are a few MP’s who would benefit from watching….

  2. Watched the video and support Hen Harrier day and ban Grouse shooting. My local Pentlands hills used to have Short-eared Owls and Hen Harriers and ground nesting Peregrine all gone probably for last 15 years

  3. Good stuff. The fact Natalie Bennett fronted it will hopefully remind more members of the Green Party north and south of the border the environment and wildlife and finding our place in relation to it is what what the Green party should be for. Terry Pickford’s anecdotes were shocking, but somehow not surprising and of course Mark made a good case for driven grouse shooting not being the asset to rural communities it’s made out to be. Shame the contemptible Field Sports channel is no longer part of the video, I often think it’s the best advert against recreational shooting there is.

  4. Powerful and shocking eye-witness account of persecution from Terry. Well done that man!

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