Does your CEO tweet (2)?

Back in April 2015 I listed some CEOs of wildlife organisations who were on Twitter and their number of tweets and number of followers.  It was really just out of interest.  And in the same vein here is an update.

David Nussbaum has moved on from WWF and is now CEO of ‘The Elders’.

Martin Warren is no longer CEO of Butterfly Conservation (@savebutterflies)

And Sandy Luk (@Luk_Sandy) is now CEO of MCS


 Followers April 2015Followers nowTweets April 2015Tweets now
was @samfanshawe, now @Luk_Sandy155426207484
@ElaineWCLhardly any1071just started2596
Website Pin Facebook Twitter Myspace Friendfeed Technorati Digg Google StumbleUpon Premium Responsive


  1. Random22 says:

    I know some CEOs that are twits, but I'm not sure if they tweet about their twittery on twitter.

  2. Miles says:

    If People Need Nature is a wildlife organisation (debatable) then I should be second on this list Mark.

    • Mark says:

      Miles - except I don't know how many Twitter followers you had in April 2015 - do you? And People Need Nature came into existence in 2016 didn't it? Come to that, I don't know how many T=witter followers I had then either.

  3. Nick says:

    I think that you need to update MCS' CEO, as well as WWF's.



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